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   I identify as Christian, a parent, a spouse, a fiber artist, a theologian, a spiritual director, a runner, and a human being. My vision is to provide a space and community for deep listening for people, helping them discover who they are, their whole selves. 

   As a Spiritual Director in training, sharing a sacred conversation with one another is such an essential aspect of my work. The essence of my work is deep listening. I am listening with my whole being to your whole being. Honoring who you are and where you are at in this present moment. 

   A Spiritual Direction and teaching about spiritual formation is the open heart, sacred space, compassion, and deep listening to ourselves required to connect to our whole body and the divine. We all possess a mind, body, and heart, and we can bring them into the sacred conversation. Spiritual Directing , workshops, small groups can provide sacred space for everyone to enter into a deep listening conversation about spirituality, current journey in life, body, mental health, everyday life problems, and situations. 

About Me: About Me
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