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5 Lines is All You Need

When expressing ourselves we are either at a loss for words or perhaps we find ourselves telling a winding story to get to a point. Words tend to spill out at stress points in our lives. It is like a carbonated drink that bubbles up and spills over the edge of the glass. Whatever it is that causes words to spill out, is sometimes best communicated concisely. Being concise requires slowing down taking a breath and challenges us to get to the heart of the matter. I recently learned about a French poetry form called Cinquain. It is just five lines and similar to a Haiku (which to this day I cannot comprehend the syllable structure that a Haiku is constructed from).

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If you are interested in learning about where I learned about this poem form check out the book Awakening the Creative Spirit

I decided to challenge myself and write a five line poem about Space (not the final frontier, in which many sci-fi shows and movies begin). Space is something I have become very thankful for, God has made a lot of space within myself over these last two years. Space is truly a gift.


Open, unbound

Expanding, revealing, honoring

The sacred opening in between

Holy Mystery

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