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Embodied running or walking, is about connecting to yourself, your whole authentic self. Think about has gently noticing and working with yourself in the present moment. 

Embodied running or walking, is about be coming present to yourself in the moment you are in. Incorporating practices that ground you, learning to move with intention, and reflecting on the journey are key components

These types of practices along with exercise are known to help with, depression, anxiety, anger, and many more things. 

What is included and what is the Cost?

This is a four month program. Each month you will be billed $225 dollars


* 1 Hour Intake/Education Session

* Personalized Running or Walking Plan

* Email communication

* WhatsApp Communication

* Four 45min individual Zoom Sessions spread out over the sixteen weeks.

*If you wish for or feel you need more 1:1 zoom sessions this will be billed as an additional cost of $50 per session.

*This is not meant as a running program just to get you physically fit and get your PR at your next race, although that can certainly happen. I recommend this for beginner runners and those looking to run 5K-10K. This is meant to be a slow, and thoughtful process or connecting to yourself.

Running and Embodiment Coaching: Services
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