Image by Margarida Afonso


   Part of my understanding of myself is that I am an artist. I love to explore creativity in knitting, spinning, crocheting, and different fiber arts. These activities also bring me into the presence of God. And are often an activity that brings me to a place of prayer, reflection, contemplation and offers me an opportunity to ground and center myself. These activities also concretely bring my desires, dreams, and passions to life.

    I am inspired by the different colors, textures, and yarn sizes. I use my intuition to decide on a pattern or project based on how I believe the quality and yarn will be best showcased or how I desire the colors to come together. Some of my projects are complete experiments or are used to practice a new technique, and others are planned within the boundaries of a pattern. 

    Some pieces of art will be simple, and others complicated. For example, there will be handspun yarn and hand-knitted shawls, cowls, scarves, blankets, etc. Spinning and knitting by hand is a time-consuming process, and a simple scarf can take 10 hours and shawls 40-60 hours or more. Prices will reflect time spent and the cost of materials. For example, you might see similar items priced differently. For instance, if I use cashmere yarn, the item will be more expensive than wool or cotton yarn.