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Individual Spiritual Direction

It is easier to find guides, someone to tell you what to do, than someone to be with you in a discerning, prayerful companionship as you work it out yourself. This is what spiritual direction is.

Eugene H. Peterson

Why Participate in Spiritual Direction?

To have a space to attend, explore, and reflect upon your inner journey and what it means for the world you live in. To listen and tend to the longings in your heart and life. To deepen your intimacy and relationship with the Divine.

Spiritual direction creates a sacred space for you to get in touch with God, with yourself, and with your life. It is a place to discern the movement and activity of God in your life and offers a deepening and widening of your self-awareness.

What is my role in Spiritual Direction?

I companion you through listening, dialogue, and discernment by hosting a place to attend, explore, and reflect upon your inner journey and what it means for the world you live in.

We will not try and come up with solutions to the struggles along the way but listen to what the Holy has to say about living life in His / Her presence, amid the struggles, suffering, and joy.

What is my approach?

My approach is holistic, addressing the brokenness of life while focusing on the hope that is available to you. I place a high value on being a safe person and creating a safe and sacred space to explore and connect with yourself and with the Holy’s activity in your life. I hold all conversations in the strictest of confidence, unless mandated by law or the courts.

Why would you seek a spiritual Director or Companion?

  • Feeling distracted and disconnected from life, self, others, or the Holy.

  • Standing at a crossroads in your life.

  • Yearning for a deeper relationship with the Holy.

  • Questioning how the Spirit is working in your life.

  • Longing for a space to be still and reflect on your inner journey.

  • Seeking ways to connect with the Spirit in more intentional ways.

  • Looking for a safe place to talk about spiritual questions and the paradoxes of life.

  • Considering how to live a more integrated, whole, and holy life.

  • Discerning a ministry call or change of vocation.

I welcome and invite you to a conversation, where we can decide if this type of relationship may be a helpful practice for you at this stage of your journey. 

Cost of Spiritual Direction:

The cost per session is $85. ​

*Student discount brings down the cost to $50 per session.

Consultation is free.

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